One mission,
many talents

Become a part of our family company. We offer you the freedom to implement your goals and visions, and to optimize your talents.

IT On-Site Operations

Daryle Talley

"I am proud to be a part of a company that has grown and only gotten better in the nine years I have been here."

Senior Sales Assistant

Sandra Ganghofer

"DRÄXLMAIER is a diverse and innovative company that has given me the opportunity to thrive in a multi-cultural environment."

Technical Assistant to the Plant Management

Rhiannon Martin

"I enjoy supporting a wide variety of people at DRÄXLMAIER. I never know who I will be in touch with next."

Head of Procurement Governance

Juan F. Atehortua

"Working for DRÄXLMAIER comes with a higher set of standards that has given me an opportunity to grow within the purchasing department."

Industrial Engineer

Sachin Kadam

"I have the opportunity to lead various projects and tasks that take me out of my comfort zone and work with different colleagues ranging from employees on the production lines to plant managers."

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Shaping the mobility
of the future

DRÄXLMAIER Group’s focus is on people and their performance. We cultivate and live by common values ​​and behaviors. Our commitment to the mobility of the future enables employees to exchange knowledge and work together successfully across departmental and national borders.  

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