Brett Miller

Position: Sales Engineer

Plant site: Duncan, S.C.

"Excel in every project"

How did you come to work for DRÄXLMAIER?
My father has spent many years in the automotive industry, and through observing his career, accomplishments, and opportunities, I gained a desire to follow in his footsteps. After graduating college, I came to DRÄXLMAIER for an internship that evolved into a full time position.

How would you describe your city to your foreign colleagues?
The Greenville, S.C., area is a great place to live. There are mountains nearby for hiking and relaxation, and the city offers endless choices of superb restaurants, and many other activities.

Tell us a little bit about your tasks and responsibilities.
I'm responsible for the calculation and negotiation for series engineering changes, special costs, and any other related topics relevant to BMW interior carlines. Myself, along with my colleagues, develop strategies for cost down activities and profit improvement through our carline reporting tools. My goal personally is to strengthen the relationships with our customer contacts to build a foundation of trust; it's in this way the long term success is established and sustained.

What tip would give to a new associate on his or her first day at work?
Don't give up. The automotive industry is fast paced, and can be quite stressful at times; but through teamwork, challenging goals, and a clear vision, you can be a part of a great movement in the economic progression of a great company.

What are your personal goals?
My personal goals are quite simple. I want to be in a position where my strengths are most utilized. From that, my desires are to excel in every project I'm a part of, and conduct business in an honorable and ethical manner.
You never go to work in the morning without...
… a clear mind. I try to spend time every morning in prayer and reflection, focusing on my Lord, Jesus Christ.

If you come home really tense, what is the quickest way for you to relax?
Golf is one of my favorite sports; therefore, I relieve tension by swinging a golf club as hard as possible to achieve maximum distances.

We all have our little idiosyncrasies. Which are yours?
I have little patience for laziness and lack of motivation for improvement. I believe many of us have been given great opportunities, and it's our responsibility to use our gifts and talents to contribute to an organization.