Fabian Franco

Position: Receiving Inspection / Complaint Management Supervisor

Plant site: Duncan, S.C.

"Work hard and succeed"

How did you come to work for DRÄXLMAIER? 
I was playing on the DRÄXLMAIER soccer team for five years as a free-lancer, so to speak. One day after a game, a teammate informed me about an opening in the quality department. I applied for the position and couple days later, HR called me to let me know that I got the job.

How would you describe your city to your foreign colleagues?
Simpsonville is a small town with broad cultural diversity. It's a great environment to raise a family and there are lots of parks and lakes nearby you can visit. Simpsonville also has a beautiful downtown area where you can have a good time.

Tell us a little bit about your tasks and responsibilities.
I am in charge of the receiving inspection process, making sure that the materials shipped to DRÄXLMAIER meet our requirements, and then releasing the orders based on the inspection cards. On the complaint management side, I handle all supplier complaints and coordinate the immediate containment with our suppliers. I also review supplier corrective actions and make sure our suppliers address and correct all issues on their side.

What tip would give to a new associate on his or her first day at work?
Be cordial with everybody and always smile. You never know from whom you will need help in the future, and a person is always going to remember the first impression.

What are your personal goals?
My personal goals are to keep acquiring experience and develop myself into a very good asset for the organization and into a very good leader.

You never go to work in the morning without ...
… my cell phone.

If you come home really tense, what is the quickest way for you to relax?
The quickest way for me to relax after a hard day at work is to turn my TV on and watch some soccer. This will take me to a zone where I feel really relaxed.

We all have our little idiosyncrasies. Which are yours?
There are many: kindness; drive to work hard and succeed; support of the needy; initiative for business; ease of expression; great sense of belonging; always being helpful and honest in all my actions; great sense of humor; and belief in God.