Connector Systems


Suitable for both high and low voltage: Our connectors and contacting elements cover a wide range of applications.

and secure

Our contact and plug systems for high- and low-voltage applications are perfectly designed and optimally dimensioned for the required loads. This saves weight and resources.

Connector Systems

High Performance Terminal

Fail-safe connection: As a patented high-power contact for all voltage levels, the DRÄXLMAIER high-performance terminal meets all safety requirements with regard to vibration and temperature variations. The dHPT plug family is reliable and light; it also has a low insertion force and high contact press force.

Connector Systems


Powerful, resilient and safe: Our Class 4 and Class 5 high-voltage plug families are designed for DC current applications of up to 1,000 volts of power. Furthermore, their robust design provides for high protection against vibrations, temperature variations and corrosive influences.


lamellar contact

From small to large: The patented DRÄXLMAIER lamellar contact is a scalable contact system for high currents, low contact resistances and small installation spaces. With its independent flexible lamella, it contacts lead frames or power rails with maximum reliability.


Friction welding

Stable and efficient for the long term: With this patented procedural approach in the area of contacting aluminum wires, the DRÄXLMAIER Group offers an interesting alternative to conventional joining processes. The patented friction welding technology is characterized by its positive-material, low-resistance connection, as well as efficient manufacturing processes.