Electrical Systems

The central nervous
system of the vehicle

Electrical Systems

and ingenuity

As the inventor of the customer-specific wiring harness, DRÄXLMAIER's electrical products have shaped electrical system architecture in the automotive for more than 60 years.

With our overall competence in the electrical and electronic areas, we are able to optimally design the electrical wiring system. The system concept is consistently pursued with electrical contacts and components enhancing the wiring harness.



Master of complexity: With up to 1031 variants, individuality is emphasized in the customer-specific wiring harness. The production and delivery to the customer is done just-in-time and just-in-sequence.



Multi-talented: Implemented in a backbone structure, the multi-leveling bar offers optimal electromagnetic compatibility due to the effect of field obliteration. As a further development of the classical electrical system, it also represents the answer to future requirements regarding functionality and safety. At the same time, it scores with flexible cable outlets and a particularly light and compact design.



Functional, safe and networked: A close-meshed network within the vehicle and with its environment is more important today than ever before. The high-frequency and Ethernet solutions from DRÄXLMAIER are characterized by secure data transfer and high data rates for current and future automotive systems.



Modular, intelligent and scalable: Our power distributor can be assembled individually according to performance requirements using the modular principle. In this, only the required modules are installed and the components, together with the wiring harness, are inspected as a functional unit. The modular power distributor has appropriate plug-in connectors for fuses, relays and expansion modules, as well as directly contacted cables.


fuse box

Safety and protection for low-voltage electrical systems: The main fuse box supplies electrical equipment from a central location with the necessary potential for each. It switches, distributes and secures the attached wires in a fixed way – flexibly with variable fuse sizes and assignments.


dFuseSmart 48V
function module kit

Completely safe: Using the lightweight, compact function module kit dFuseSmart 48V, 48 volt electrical systems can be efficiently and reliably protected against electrical arcing and other electrical disturbances.


lamellar contact

From small to large: The patented DRÄXLMAIER lamellar contact is a scalable contact system for high currents, low contact resistances and small installation spaces. With its independent flexible lamella, it contacts lead frames or power rails with maximum reliability.


High Performance Terminal

Fail-safe connection: As a patented high-power contact for all voltage levels, the DRÄXLMAIER high-performance terminal meets all safety requirements with regard to vibration and temperature variations. The dHPT plug family is reliable and light; it also has a low insertion force and high contact press force.


Friction welding

Stable and efficient for the long term: With this patented procedural approach in the area of contacting aluminum wires, the DRÄXLMAIER Group offers an interesting alternative to conventional joining processes. The patented friction welding technology is characterized by its positive-material, low-resistance connection, as well as efficient manufacturing processes.

Electrial Systems

and things to know


Our first order in 1958 was for 50,000 wire sets for the "little Volkswagen from Bavaria," which was manufactured in Dingolfing.

KSK revolution since 1990

The KSK by DRÄXLMAIER revolutionizes the architecture of vehicle electrical systems.

Wide variety

Our customer-specific wiring harness can be individually configured and thus precisely matched to the requirements of the respective vehicle.


The electrical system of today's premium cars consists of up to 2,200 individual wires, 1,000 contacts, several kilometers of cable length, and a weight of up to 60 kilograms.