Turning innovations into reality

At DRÄXLMAIER, we combine our core competences of electrical systems, electronics, interior systems and battery systems with a specific purpose. This mix results in a unique, innovative dynamic in product development. It makes us and our development engineers stand out in the industry.

The result: innovative products and technologies that are shaping long-term mobility today or beginning to indicate a fundamental change. Whether that is from e-mobility and human-vehicle-environment connections, to autonomous driving and sustainability of vehicle components, our engineers are at the forefront of creative design. 

Want to realize your professional potential with a job that has exciting tasks and close-knit, appreciative discussions in a team? Our engineering jobs are the right challenge and opportunity for you!

Creative thinkers wanted

We are always looking for innovative thinkers, technicians, development engineers and self-starters to support us in overcoming current challenges in interior, electronic, electrical and software engineering. A job with lots of design freedom and openness – be it for sudden inspiration or simply "great ideas." Together, we will transform this into an excellent future.