Quality assurance: An eye on customer satisfaction

This is both challenge and motivation. Jobs in quality assurance are focused on the greatest asset of our family business: customer satisfaction. It gives our products, production methods and locations a sense of purpose and lasting prospects.

Quality management: Opportunities for extraordinary careers

In quality management, our dedicated team works on innovative concepts, methods and tools that enable us to deliver excellence every day. Quality beyond what is expected is not only reflected in the results of our work – but also in the products, innovations and services.

Our work itself is also characterized by an awareness for high standards in the form of intelligent processes, state-of-the-art data capture and analysis, and first-rate training opportunities. These are just some of the critical quality factors in our family business – and it does not only apply to people who accept one of the coveted jobs in quality assurance.

Regularly taking a critical look at our concepts in quality management helps evolve consistently. We also ensure that DRÄXLMAIER continues to set itself apart from the competition as a first mover with excellent quality while giving our customers a crucial competitive edge in their target markets.

This is why we are always looking for specialists with a distinct sense of quality and a critical eye toward all the minor details that take our product to the highest level of quality – because perfectly performing quality management jobs lay the foundation for the premium label our customers expect from us.