Head of Site Infrastructure U.S.

Aaron Adams

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is more than a mainstream concept or a simple idea; it's a lifestyle. Growing up on a farm, I was surrounded by animals and nature. You're up at the crack of dawn serving the environment. As a little boy, I was taught to replenish, regrow and sustain our land for future harvest − and that to me is sustainability: leaving the land better than how it is now.

How did living on a farm influence your ecological habits?

My family owned several agricultural businesses, so growing up, I learned the value in hard work and patience. Living in a farm taught me several lessons like commitment, gratitude and perseverance. The farm life is more intricate than planting seeds or harvesting crops – you learn early on that success doesn't come from sitting on a pedestal, but by keeping the weeds out and fertilizing consistently. When you connect to nature, you realize it's important to make do with what you have on hand. Because when it comes to sustainability, it's important to remember actions are louder than words.

What kind of world would you like to leave for your lineage?

When I think about the future, I reflect on the past. The lessons we learned are the key to a better tomorrow. I hope my children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren remember the most important investment: people. When you take the time to educate those around you, your planting seeds for the future. Because their knowledge will become the most powerful tool to evoke the change we need in the world.