Head of Security Americas

Anthony Nixon

How do you feel about working for a company that cares as much about the environment as DRÄXLMAIER?

It's a huge honor. As a company that designs interiors for world-renowned clients in the automotive sector, innovation is drilled and ingrained into our everyday process. And when we take sustainability into that factor, everyone has a voice. We know it all starts with a small idea that could save several 100 metric tons of carbon. Change is key to a better future, and I think we're already one step ahead of the game.

What is an ecological project in the Americas that you are proud of being a part of?

Definitely, the photovoltaic project. At DRÄXLMAIER, we are currently working on reducing our overall carbon consumption − and neutralizing CO2 emissions at our site Duncan, S.C., will significantly contribute to that mission. Creating a solar rooftop system will be a big step toward a neutralized facility. Just to put that into perspective: The project will produce roughly two gigawatt hours of energy each year. To me, this project is more than just neutralizing our grid at the Duncan site; it's about setting a positive example in our community. Not only are we providing clean, sustainable energy, but it also serves as a message to other organizations at a local level: We have a responsibility to the environment and an obligation to build a greener world for a brighter tomorrow.

How do you implement sustainable efforts into your personal life?

Just being a aware of how your purchases and overall consuming habits can have an impact on the environment. For example, my wife and I use sustainable products to clean our house. You may not realize it, but chemicals can be extremely hazardous, and making that switch to a green product can make a huge difference in the long run. It's the little things that make a difference, like how we dry our clothes or the fabric software we are using. At the end of the day, it all comes down to awareness and action. If you want a cleaner future, you have to create it.