Industrial Engineer

Daniel Geiger

How does saving energy, implementing new technology and voting provide a gateway to a more sustainable lifestyle?

I try to make sure everything I do has a purpose. Considering how our actions affect the environment can be a significant driver an reducing our toxic footprint. As a society, we need to study and learn from the past and use that to be an agent of change. One of the best ways to do that is by using sustainably-focused technology like new forms of power generators or battery storages. Along with being conscious of my energy and waste consumption, I'm voting. Having people in leadership positions who stand for my ideas is vital because the standards I have set for the future are just baselines. Sustainability to me means making sacrifices now. It starts with us. We were left with a hard situation and every day, we need to work together to turn it around.

What are some of the eco-friendly projects that you are currently on?

I take a lot of pride in the work that I do because working in an industry that is directly tied to climate change and to carbon output is where I need to be. I'm working on several projects to reduce the electrical energy consumption and reduce carbon and waste in our facility.

The grinder project, for example, will reduce our carbon-footprint directly. Designed to reduce our CO2 contribution, the grinder will shred plastic scrap and waste into an open container. By fitting more scrap material into a metal container, it will reduce the shipping and transportation by nearly 650 trips each year – saving about 6,000 metric tons of carbon.  

It's not prevention at this point; it's repair, and my generation has the opportunity to build − but it's not going to be a one-generation fix. Which is why we need to push our suppliers and customers to move into a sustainable direction because that's how we can create a larger impact.